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Importance of Sports Centres in City Like Lahore

Sports is essential for a better health and physical appearance. Lahore already has a smaller number of such opportunities. However, it doesn’t decrease the importance of sports centre and sports grounds in a busy metropolitan city of Lahore.

Swimming Pool in Lahore in the Summers

Model Town Club brings state-of-the-art swimming pools for males, females, and children separately to enjoy and develop a healthy habit of swimming, this article explains the benefits of swimming and the experience details for you to expect.

Find Ladies Gym Near Me with Lady Trainer

The benefits of attending a gym with female trainers will depend on your personal preferences and fitness goals. It's important to find a trainer who you feel comfortable with and who can provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your desired results.

Relax at Spa Centre in Lahore

A spa's calming and soothing atmosphere is created by a combination of factors that work together to promote relaxation and wellness. Model Town Club offers SPA and Sauna, Hair Bar, Nail Bar, and other facilities to make you love yourself again. This article focuses on the Spa Centre in Lahore at the center of the city. Read more to see how it feels to be at a spa. 

Explore the latest Gymnasium in Lahore

Physical activities and exercise are the best ways to sweat. In today's era, where we all remain in search of ease and less physical efforts, these extra efforts are the sole source to balance the body's interiors and exteriors efficiently. Model Town Clun (MTC) offers the latest Gymnasium in Lahore. This article will throw light on the importance of physical activities and fitness centers.   

How to Play on Hardcore Tennis Court?

Playing Tennis is quite an effective technique for body and mind improvements. The reflexes, body balance and flexibility enhancements are a few benefits. However, tennis is a proper game with rules and regulations. Playing tennis on a hardcore surface also requires some extra effort. Hardcore tennis courts are popular and readily available. Let's discuss some of the points with you.

It’s time to hit back to the gym in Lahore

Many of us experience an increase in weight and waist size during Ramadan; Hence, it is the best time to return to the gym in Lahore. However, with some persuading motivations, we will share some things to be kept in your lower range while you start your fitness routine after a gap of a month or a couple of weeks

The Essence of Community Clubs

Community clubs have been around for centuries, bringing people together for a variety of reasons, from socializing to charitable works. At their core, community clubs are built on the essential principle of community, where people come together to forge connections, share their experiences, and work towards common goals.

The Famous Types of Tennis Courts 

Tennis is a royal game. It is played throughout the globe, and people of every age play it. Tennis is also played on an individual and group basis. However, only some know about Tennis and Tennis Courts well. Therefore, if you have ever thought about tennis and tennis courts, this article will discuss the famous types of tennis courts. Let's go!

The Top 5 Features to find the Best Fitness Clubs Near Me  

Are you searching for the best fitness clubs near me? Then, you are on a spot-on article. This article will explain the best and top 5 must-haves for a good fitness centre or gym. A high-quality fitness centre is essential because it is not just a place to exercise. Instead, it is a social point to meet, greet people, and enjoy a whole new experience. Let's get started!

MTC SPA Lahore: Opportunity to Relax, Renew, and Refresh

Model Town Club (MTC) brings a golden chance to treat yourself just as you deserve. In this hectic routine, each of us wants a break, to distress ourselves, to take a VIP treatment and to get a refreshing feel on a physical and mental level. However, only some people know the benefits a SPA brings to city life. Therefore, if you are looking for a refreshing SPA in Lahore for a refreshing experience, read till the last of this write-up.

Health and Fitness Trends for 2023 

Health is wealth- is a common proverb. This wise saying was taken quite seriously in 2022. Likewise, there is a high possibility that the same will remain the point of concern for many fitness enthusiasts in 2023. Therefore, the Model Town Club brings top-of-the-chart trends for those willing to live a long, healthy, and active life.

Get an Elite Swimming Pool Experience in 2023

We are bringing a community club for the Lahoris to stay connected in the middle of the city in Model Town with high-profile amenities, including swimming pools, dining, playing fields and whatnot. It is high time to enjoy an elite swimming pool experience in the scorching summers of 2023. To learn more, stay tuned to the end.