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Explore the Best Food Place in Lahore at the Model Town Club

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Do you want to enjoy all the fun activities with good food options, all in one place? Then you should think about becoming a member of the Model Town Club (MTC) because we have the best food place in Lahore, along with a wide range of amenities. 

Food As a Therapy 

What do you think after having a long and tiring day or after an exhausting week? If I talk about myself and everybody I know, they prefer to eat their favourite food in comfort. So, in my view, there is nothing that good food cannot solve. If you have a bad day, eat food, or have a happy day, eat food. Thus, whether you want to celebrate or uplift your mood, food is the answer. 

Well, food is said to be the cure for a lot of issues and eating is all that is required to get away from your anxiety or boredom. Ultimately, you should join our club to have the option of eating at the best food place in Lahore, any day you want. For this reason, inspire yourself and become a member of the Model Town Club (MTC) to not just have fascinating food but also to get a chance to enjoy a variety of entertaining and sports activities. 

Astonishing Features of Our Model Town Club (MTC) 

In the Model Town Cooperative Society, our MTC is located with a lot of recreational activities to soothe your mind and body. In this modern world, we know that the daily grind takes a toll on our physical as well as mental health. Therefore, you should think about joining our diverse community of prominent artists, writers, activists, sports players, politicians, and philanthropists. 

Moreover, you can visit our club anytime to benefit from all the dynamic features available at the Model Town Club which are as follows: 

  1. Spa and Sauna 
  2. Hair and Nail Bar 
  3. Beginners Classes for all the Sports Activities 
  4. Football and CricketGrounds 
  5. Squash and Tennis Courts 
  6. Indoor Swimming Pools with Trainers 
  7. Male and Female Gym with Fitness Trainers 
  8. Exclusive Dining Area 

Additionally, the Model Town Club not only offers you good food with an ideal ambience but also a different variety of food and dining options. In this way, everyone can enjoy their favourite foods in one place. Because our club (MTC) has the best food place in Lahore. 

MTC Has the Best Food Place in Lahore with Triple Dining Options 

MTC Has the Best Food Place in Lahore with Triple Dining Options 

It must have always been a debate to choose the perfect place to eat which serves a good variety of food with amazing taste, too. No matter if you are having a family dinner, a friend outing, a work meeting or even a solo lunch, we are here. Our staff is always there to cater to all your dining requirements and to give you a great experience.  

1. Live BBQ 

We have the best food place in Lahore for families. In addition to that, being a desi, you must be looking for good model town restaurants in Lahore. So, you do not have to look any further, because we have top-notch chefs and serving staff who have experience working in the best restaurants in Lahore. 

You can enjoy authentic BBQ food at our live BBQ station with your friends and families. We have all the exotic kebabs, tikka pieces, and other smoked meat options for you. So, join the Model Town Club to get a chance to enjoy all the delicacies at the best food place in Lahore. 

2. Fine Dining at the Best Food Place in Lahore – MTC 

If you are more of a fine dining person, then do not worry because we have this facility for you as well. Our menu is extended to a variety of foods from all over the world. Whether you are looking for tasty Chinese food or continental, we have it all here at the Model Town Club (MTC).  

Our dining area is the best food place in Lahore as we serve all the premium and delicious meals for our members. Additionally, we assure you of the hygiene and freshness of all the materials used in our food preparation.  

3. Wellness Café 

All the members of the Model Town Club (MTC) are welcome to enjoy food options from our Wellness Café menu. So, we have the following options available if you want to have more nutritious and fulfilling foods: 

  • Calorie Counted Snacks 
  • Salads 
  • Smoothies 

Thus, if you are coming directly to have a workout or for a swim, and do not have time to prep your pre- or post-workout meals. Then you can get a snack from our wellness café right away. Additionally, you can also track your calorie intake and maintain your diet and health regimen through this dining option at MTC. This is why we say that we have the best food place in Lahore for everyone. 

MTC – Provides the Best Food Place in Lahore 

Enjoy multiple dining options and taste the true goodness at the Model Town Club. So, hurry up and become a member of our distinguished community right now!  

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  1. Good initiative but always disappointed for being unfair to non-members residents of model town. Non-members residents of model town below 1 kanal can not enjoy all these facilities. Management should take measures and listen to their concerns and not ignoring them in every matter.

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