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Play Cricket, Football and Golf at Our Model Town Club in Lahore

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Are you interested in sports like cricket, football, golf, squash, tennis, or swimming? Then you have come to the right page as the Model Town Club in Lahore offers you a chance to enjoy all the amazing facilities here. Along with that, we have sports grounds, and courts to help you enjoy all the sporty activities. 

If you want to join one of the best clubs in Lahore, then Model Town Club (MTC) can be a great choice for you. 

What Facilities Are Available at the Model Town Club in Lahore? 

In MTC, you will be thrilled to see how versatile our club is and how we offer a wide range of activities for your spare time. Daily life can be exhausting, and it also kills the spirit of a person to do exercises. But for your health (both physical and mental), you should work on yourself. Self-care is a vital part of life in today’s world.  

Therefore, you can choose from a variety of facilities to elevate your mood and enhance your mental health. Well, the prominent features of the Model Town Club in Lahore are as below: 

  1. Spa and Sauna 
  2. Multiple Dining Options 
  3. Gym and Gender Specific Fitness Centres 
  4. Indoor Swimming Pools (separate for both male and female) 
  5. Tennis and Squash Courts 
  6. Sports Grounds (for Golf, Cricket and Football) 

Moreover, you can be a part of our diverse community to build your connections as well as to utilise your spare time in the best means. 

Several Amenities at the Model Town Club in Lahore 

Several Amenities at the Model Town Club in Lahore 

As a sports enthusiast or lover, you should know that we have a lot of beginner’s classes for you to learn the following: 

  • Swimming 
  • Tennis 
  • Squash 
  • Golf 
  • Football 
  • Cricket 

So, let us know what the benefits are of playing any of the above-mentioned sports activities at the Model Town Club in Lahore.  

Swim Your Worries Away 

Like all other exercises, swimming also helps to relax your brain by releasing endorphins. Well, this is the hormone which makes you feel good. Moreover, there have been several research which proved that swimming aids in reducing chronic stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, swimming is very beneficial in regulating the blood flow in your whole body. Which in return protects the human body from a variety of harmful toxins. Even if you do not know how to swim, no worries, as we are here for you. 

We have professional trainers in our club in Lahore along with highly skilled lifeguards. So, do not think anymore and visit MTC now!  

Play Tennis with Friends 

Are you interested in tennis and want to learn it from the best instructors? Then the Model Town Club in Lahore is an excellent choice for you. In addition to that, if you want to burn calories while having fun, then tennis is for you. In research, it is proven that an hour-long singles tennis can burn 600 calories (about 48 minutes of running) in males and 420 in females. So, it is both fun and healthy for you. 

Furthermore, you can play it on your own or socialise with your friends while playing at our court. At MTC, you can book your slot according to your convenience after getting our membership. 

Learn Squash from the Best Instructors 

Like tennis courts, we have squash courts, too. Squash helps tone your muscles and it also increases your reaction time. More importantly, it will help you enhance your strength and flexibility. Therefore, you should join our Model Town Club in Lahore to have every opportunity to play squash whenever you want. 

Have an Enriched Golf Experience 

There are very few clubs in Lahore which offer an exquisite golf experience and when you search for the best golf ground in Lahore, we will be in the top results. With our membership, you can book our golf grounds to have the best time with your friends and families. 

Football – A Healthy Sport of Passion 

Football is a high-intensity sport and Model Town Club in Lahore has one of the best sports grounds and coaches. So, you can play football and direct your energy and passion in the right direction at our grounds.  

Moreover, many doctors have also prescribed taking part in sports activities which include running and socialising with several people. Therefore, football is quite helpful in promoting both physical and mental health. 

Enjoy Cricket with Your Friends 

Our Model Town Club (MTC) has the best cricket ground in Lahore. Playing cricket can help build your stamina and improve brain and muscle coordination. So, if you are looking to enjoy a good cricket session with your friends, then you should get our membership to book the sports ground for your cricket game in your leisure time. 

Get a MTC Membership Right Away! 

Join our club in Lahore to avail yourself of all the benefits of having an MTC membership. Come to our club and enjoy all the facilities anytime you want. But first, fill out our membership form for the Model Town Club and then we will get back to you with all the other information. 

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Explore the Best Food Place in Lahore at the Model Town Club

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Do you want to enjoy all the fun activities with good food options, all in one place? Then you should think about becoming a member of the Model Town Club (MTC) because we have the best food place in Lahore, along with a wide range of amenities. 

Food As a Therapy 

What do you think after having a long and tiring day or after an exhausting week? If I talk about myself and everybody I know, they prefer to eat their favourite food in comfort. So, in my view, there is nothing that good food cannot solve. If you have a bad day, eat food, or have a happy day, eat food. Thus, whether you want to celebrate or uplift your mood, food is the answer. 

Well, food is said to be the cure for a lot of issues and eating is all that is required to get away from your anxiety or boredom. Ultimately, you should join our club to have the option of eating at the best food place in Lahore, any day you want. For this reason, inspire yourself and become a member of the Model Town Club (MTC) to not just have fascinating food but also to get a chance to enjoy a variety of entertaining and sports activities. 

Astonishing Features of Our Model Town Club (MTC) 

In the Model Town Cooperative Society, our MTC is located with a lot of recreational activities to soothe your mind and body. In this modern world, we know that the daily grind takes a toll on our physical as well as mental health. Therefore, you should think about joining our diverse community of prominent artists, writers, activists, sports players, politicians, and philanthropists. 

Moreover, you can visit our club anytime to benefit from all the dynamic features available at the Model Town Club which are as follows: 

  1. Spa and Sauna 
  2. Hair and Nail Bar 
  3. Beginners Classes for all the Sports Activities 
  4. Football and CricketGrounds 
  5. Squash and Tennis Courts 
  6. Indoor Swimming Pools with Trainers 
  7. Male and Female Gym with Fitness Trainers 
  8. Exclusive Dining Area 

Additionally, the Model Town Club not only offers you good food with an ideal ambience but also a different variety of food and dining options. In this way, everyone can enjoy their favourite foods in one place. Because our club (MTC) has the best food place in Lahore. 

MTC Has the Best Food Place in Lahore with Triple Dining Options 

MTC Has the Best Food Place in Lahore with Triple Dining Options 

It must have always been a debate to choose the perfect place to eat which serves a good variety of food with amazing taste, too. No matter if you are having a family dinner, a friend outing, a work meeting or even a solo lunch, we are here. Our staff is always there to cater to all your dining requirements and to give you a great experience.  

1. Live BBQ 

We have the best food place in Lahore for families. In addition to that, being a desi, you must be looking for good model town restaurants in Lahore. So, you do not have to look any further, because we have top-notch chefs and serving staff who have experience working in the best restaurants in Lahore. 

You can enjoy authentic BBQ food at our live BBQ station with your friends and families. We have all the exotic kebabs, tikka pieces, and other smoked meat options for you. So, join the Model Town Club to get a chance to enjoy all the delicacies at the best food place in Lahore. 

2. Fine Dining at the Best Food Place in Lahore – MTC 

If you are more of a fine dining person, then do not worry because we have this facility for you as well. Our menu is extended to a variety of foods from all over the world. Whether you are looking for tasty Chinese food or continental, we have it all here at the Model Town Club (MTC).  

Our dining area is the best food place in Lahore as we serve all the premium and delicious meals for our members. Additionally, we assure you of the hygiene and freshness of all the materials used in our food preparation.  

3. Wellness Café 

All the members of the Model Town Club (MTC) are welcome to enjoy food options from our Wellness Café menu. So, we have the following options available if you want to have more nutritious and fulfilling foods: 

  • Calorie Counted Snacks 
  • Salads 
  • Smoothies 

Thus, if you are coming directly to have a workout or for a swim, and do not have time to prep your pre- or post-workout meals. Then you can get a snack from our wellness café right away. Additionally, you can also track your calorie intake and maintain your diet and health regimen through this dining option at MTC. This is why we say that we have the best food place in Lahore for everyone. 

MTC – Provides the Best Food Place in Lahore 

Enjoy multiple dining options and taste the true goodness at the Model Town Club. So, hurry up and become a member of our distinguished community right now!  

Get Model Town Club’s Membership to Help Your Mental Health

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How you spend your spare time tells a lot about the state of your mental health. Therefore, you should engage in fun activities such as playing sports or reading in a comfortable environment. Moreover, you can also choose to get some manicures or to get your favourite food when your mood is down. 

Because you can only be productive when you have your mental health in place. And trust me, nobody will help take care of yourself, only you can. Thus, you should get a membership in a top-notch club which offers all the best facilities required to soothe your mind and soul. For this reason, you can join the Model Town Club, Lahore to elevate your living experience. 

Why Mental Health is Important? 

You must have heard this at some point in your life about this phrase, “A sound mind is in a sound body”. It is actually the English translation of the quote by a Greek Philosopher, Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC). This tells us that those who passed away many centuries ago also knew the importance of mental health. 

Self-awareness is a blessing in today’s time of distress. Therefore, you should break the stigma and talk about your mental health as much as you want. Serious mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Chronic Headaches and body pain, and eating disorders all happen after prolonged conditions like: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Bipolar Disease 
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour 
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Thus, World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on 10th October to raise awareness of the importance of having a healthy mind. But here I would say again that making an effort for your mental health always comes first.  

Ultimately, you should get a gateway away from your daily routine to elevate your lifestyle. So, what is better than having a membership in an exquisite club? Nothing, right? For your convenience, I have mentioned some of the facilities that may motivate you to appreciate yourself. 

Model Town Club Values Your Mental Health   

At MTC, we are always there to provide you with great customer service. Whether you want to take part in any sporty activities (such as football, golf, squash, tennis, or cricket) or you like to eat some tasty food, we have got you covered. But here you must want to know why I am emphasising these points again and again, right? It is because these activities do wonders for your mental health. 

Model Town Club Values Your Mental Health   

Benefits of Sports for Mental Health 

The main reason to join any extracurricular activities is to manage your daily life’s stress and sports can be one of the best options in this regard. During exercises, a hormone called endorphins is released, which is a chemical that relieves pain and stress from your brain. Additionally, it also reduces the amount of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in your body. 

Furthermore, you should be delighted to know that we have a wide range of physical activities for you such as:

a. An Outstanding Fitness Centre

We have a gym and fitness centre separate for both males and females. Along with that, we have fitness trainers to help you manage your workouts. Exercising daily for 20-30 minutes will make you a lot calmer than usual. Ultimately, it will enhance both your physical and mental health.

b. Enjoy Team Sports 

Taking part in sports is already very beneficial but if you take part in team sports like football, cricket, squash, tennis and others, then it will have a very positive impact on your mental health. So, you can book our sports ground or tennis or squash courts to have a good time with your family and friends. Apart from this, you will also be a part of a dynamic social group who share the same interests at our Model Town Club, Lahore. 

Food, Drinks and Your Mental Health 

In my view, there is nothing that a good meal cannot heal. No matter if you want to have BBQ or fine dining food, we have all the options for you. Moreover, if you want to have some healthy and calorie-counted food and drinks to stay healthy, we have it, too. Indeed, you will enjoy at MTC with the best variety of foods and beverages made by the top chefs in the city. 

Have a Relaxing Massage or Pedicure at Our Club 

Last but not least, we have a spa and sauna facility for you to relax your muscles. Similarly, you can relax your hands and feet by booking a manicure and pedicure session at the Model Town Club’s nail bar. Or if you want to calm your head and scalp, we have a hair bar with all the amazing equipment. 

Join MTC to Enhance Your Mental Health Now!

If you want to enjoy all the facilities mentioned above, then you will have to become a member of our Model Town Club, Lahore. It does not matter if you are a resident of the Model Town Society or not, you can contact us via our official number or email us at and apply to become our member anytime. 

Visit the Best Spa Centre in Lahore at Model Town Club

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Living your life in today’s circumstances makes your body and mind tense. Therefore, you should look for an opportunity to relax your body and get better mental health. What is better than treating yourself in a great spa centre in Lahore at the Model Town Club (MTC)? Therefore, you should know what other benefits you can get if you become a member of our dynamic community. 

Why You Should Become a Member of Model Town Club (MTC)? 

Get a quick fix of your mood and also make your body healthy through a wide variety of fun activities at the Model Town Club. The wide range of facilities available at MTC are as mentioned below: 

  1. Squash Courts 
  2. Tennis Courts 
  3. Sports Grounds (for golf, football and cricket) 
  4. Male and Female Separate Gyms 
  5. Fully EquippedFitness Centre 
  6. Indoor Swimming Pools (for men, women and kids) 
  7. Sauna and Spa Centre in Lahore 
  8. Nails Bar 
  9. Hair Bar 
  10. Multiple Dining Options(cafe, live BBQ, and fine dining) 

Moreover, if you are looking for a relaxing spa centre in Lahore, then you are on the right page as I have briefly mentioned the highlights of our spa and sauna facility in the content below. 

Aesthetic Spa Centre in Lahore 

An aesthetic and stunning spa is described as the one focused on improving your skin health and yes, we do this professionally at the Model Town Club (MTC), Lahore. Our skilled workers will help you restore your skin health overall as well as reduce the signs of ageing. So, you can sit back and relax while benefiting from one of the many facilities of MTC Spa Centre in Lahore.  

MTC Spa and Sauna 

Facilities of MTC Spa Centre in Lahore

You can enjoy saunas and revitalise your spirit and inner peace in the Model Town Club. Additionally, we offer a wide range of facilities at our spa centre in Lahore which are as mentioned below: 

  1. Luxurious Spa Treatments 
  2. Manicures 
  3. Pedicures 
  4. Blow Dries 
  5. Wide Variety of Facials 
  6. Soft Tissue Massages 

So, if you want to pamper yourself with some self-care, you should become a member and visit our club in Model Town Housing Society. 

Alluring Ambiance of MTC Spa Centre in Lahore 

If you think about a spa centre, what will come to your mind? Name it, and we assure you that you will get everything at our club. It is best to appease all your senses to get the most relaxed body and mind. Therefore, we have a great ambience with the following characteristics: 

a. Calming Sounds/Music 

Soft-toned music or nature sounds are very sedative to everyone’s ears and at our spa, we value customer peace over anything. You can also request your choice of music, and we will play it for you while giving you a world-class spa treatment. 

b. Soothing Lights 

Dimmed lights are a must to give you the proper environment to loosen up your tensed muscles and nerves. So, you can come whenever you feel like you need a little pampering for yourself. 

c. Aromatic Scents 

We have incorporated scents that can reduce your nerve tension along with providing you with a relaxing surrounding. I assure you that once you become a member of the Model Town Club, you will surely become a regular at our Spa centre in Lahore. 

d. Professional Staff 

MTC spa facility is equipped with trained and professional staff members. If you become a member of our club, you will be able to get skin treatment recommendations as well as hair, nail, hands and foot care. Once you walk into our club, you will not be able to move anywhere without getting a massage or facial from our spa. 

e. Variety of Massages Offered in Our Spa Centre in Lahore 

Due to the extreme pollution situation in today’s world, cleansing your pores is a must. To release your skin from all the dirt and toxins, you should visit our spa weekly or monthly at your convenience.  

You can either get a Hydra facial or get aroma therapy. We also have stone massages and soft tissue massages. 

Benefits of Soft Tissue Massages 

The majority of the population is working desk jobs, or their work needs them to sit for a longer duration. So, getting a massage to loosen up and tone your body muscles has become a need. Therefore, we offer you a soft tissue massage facility at the spa and sauna of the Model Town Club, Lahore.  

Unlike deep tissue massages, soft tissue massage uses a variety of pressures, depth and duration. It has the following advantages for your body: 

  1. Reduce the chances of muscle injury 
  2. Improves body posture 
  3. Enhance flexibility 
  4. Stretch Muscle Fibers 
  5. Better physical as well as mental health 

Additionally, you are left feeling relaxed for the day after visiting an amazing spa centre in Lahore. So, what are you waiting for? Join our community of distinguished people to make the most out of your time. 

Join the Model Town Club Right Now! 

You can increase your social circle and network as our community includes many prominent personalities from every sector. Just fill out our membership form right away and we will get back to you shortly.