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Tips to Maintain Health and Fitness in the Last Ashra of Ramadan 2023 

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Allah SWT has blessed us with another Ramadan in a lifetime. As we have spent two Ashras already and are about to enter the last ten days, some things need reconciliation. This article will share a couple of tips to maintain your health and fitness to get the most out of the last Ashra of Ramadan 2023.   

Replace Fried Items with Baked Items 

Yes! The most important thing is to avoid fried items in the last ten days of Ramadan. We all love the taste and texture of flitters, patties, and rolls. But as we have already spent earlier days with them, it is advised to maintain a distance in the last days of this holy month.  

Healthy replacements for the beloved fried items could be baked or air-fried items. Eating heavy-oiled food items impacts the body weight and functions in an adverse sense in the long term. The effect multiplies with less water intake. Healthy weight is the most important factor in getting ideal health and fitness.  

Expand the Fruit Intake for Health and Fitness 

The next step is to increase the fruit portions in both meals-Sahoor and Iftar. However, if Sahoor is not possible, ensure to include fruits in Iftar times. The nutritious benefits of fruits impact the long-empty stomach in a positive way. It also excludes the danger of inflammation and dysfunction of the stomach.  The stomach is the prime organ for maintaining health and fitness.  

Hydrate Before You Eat 

Another important intake that is not to be neglected at any cost is water. Since we have long fast hours and hot weather. It is essential to drink water before you eat. Therefore, avoid soft drinks, soda, and drinks with high sugar content.  

Instead, try to include water, fruit juices, and lemon and mint drinks to recover the water deficiency in the body. It will help you to stay active, alert, and healthy to keep your duties well performed.  Appropriate water intake is crucial to stay healthy and fit through the last days of Ramadan.  

Never Miss Dates for Sahoor and Iftar 

Another tip is to follow Sunnah! Include dates in your suhoor and iftar. Dates are power food with lots of nutrition and minerals. The same is highly fibrous, and sugar content is also high. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a couple of Dates in both meals in the last period of Ramadan. It will assist you in maintaining your energy levels in an optimal way. Health and fitness are maintained through healthy eating.  

Stay Active Throughout the Day 

Moving your body throughout the day is a pro tip to spend the remaining days of the holy month of Ramadan. Ensure you follow the active routine in these ten days. This will maintain healthy blood circulation in your body.  

This healthy routine includes regular walking, the use of stairs, and staying out of bed in idle hours. Also, ensure to offer five prayers throughout the day. This will benefit you on religious and worldly grounds.   

Move Your Muscles Before Iftar  

Exercise is always a must to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you do regular exercise, please keep it going during Ramadan also. But if you are not a regular doer. Ramadan is the best month to start. It is the best way to keep your body in the best condition. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight and fitness in the long run.  You can check some of the health and fitness trends for 2023.

Sleep After Night Prayers  

Ramadan demands time investment, and efforts are essential for spiritual growth. It is the best time to do a soul detox, and this month also helps to grow on a personal level. For the same reasons, it is advised to sleep after night prayers and get up early before suhoor times. It will maintain a healthy and fitness-oriented sleep clock in your life and also provide you ample energy and time to perform religious tasks.  

Invest an Hour Before Iftar Times in Emotional Wellbeing 

Well-balanced emotional and mental health is a big part of health and fitness for humans. Ramadan is a time of reflection on various aspects of our lives. It is also a great time to work for emotional well-being. Therefore, after you complete your professional duties, it is great to reflect on your inner self and listen to the inner child who needs to be heard.  

An hour before Iftar is often a time you can connect and reflect to see what your pain points are and what solutions you may take. The problems and the solutions are hidden inside oneself.  

Remember Us in Your Prayers 

Lastly, during Ramadan, prayers are often accepted. Therefore, we also request our readers to remember us while offering prayers!  


Health and Fitness are covered through the physical, emotional, and psychological levels of human life. Ramadan is a golden time to get the best output on all levels while connecting back to the creator on a deeper level. Let’s utilize this holy month in the best possible way!